Is this a good computer for gaming?

Hi, I am in the market for a relatively cheap gaming computer ($500-$600). I came across this computer:$abcat0501000&cp=1&lp=8#tab=overview.
I was wondering if this computer could play games on medium to high settings at 720p. I thought that with the dedicated graphics it might be okay, but I am new to this. I would be playing games like Battlefield 3, Planetside 2, Minecraft, League of Legends, Gary's Mod, etc. I don't need to play the games on the highest settings, but I would want it to at least look good at 30 fps.
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    They really have a wide view of "gaming" computers. You probably will not be able to get much past medium on 720p without seeing some major frame rate drops. If you do buy the computer, I would recommend upgrading to 8 gb of RAM, and getting a better GPU. The i3 should be able to play games at medium to high with the other new parts.
  2. That is a horrible card. And I doubt it can run them games.
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