Why my video card on 138c degreees make the monitor shut down and everything freeze but when using FurMark it dosen't ?

My video card is Nvidia Geforce gtx 580.
When i'm playing the game Battlefield Bad Company 2 the video card getting very hot about 130-138c (celsius). I can hear the video card fan working very hard.

Everytime when i'm playing the game and it's getting about 128-130c to 138c then the monitor is shut down everything freeze/stuck i can't do anything then restart the pc.
Sometimes i need to let the pc to rest few minutes then restart it.

Now i did a test few minutes ago with FurMark: 1920x1080 full screen the 15 minutes test.
I saw then after the test that the highest temperature of the gpu was 138c (celsius).
But in this case it didn't shut down the monitor and nothing was freeze.

Then where is the problem could be ? Dust in the video card or something else with the video card ? Or maybe the video card drivers ? Why in the game it does shut down the monitor and freeze everything and in FurMark not ?

Also does 138c (celsius) it too much for the video card ?
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    Holy crap! Stop doing that to your card!!! You will have hurt it by now!

    It doesn't matter why it shuts down in game but not on furmark, the big issue is that you are getting that hot! The maximum safe temperature for most video cards is about 90C, you really should never exceed 100C, 138C means your caps just took a decent hit to their lifespan...
  2. Additionally,yes it's most likely a combination of dust caked into your fan+heatsink and your thermal paste dried completely out.
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