Help me recover corrupted windows 7 on secondary drive


I have had an unbelievable nightmare the last couple of days which started with upgrading my graphics card from geforce to radeon (which you should never do without reading abt it).

I am gonna try to make it as simple as possible.

Basically I upgraded it to Radeon and started win 7, it started to give me problems and kept crashing so them I had the unable to start windows error. So I installed windows on another drive and tried to repair the original windows, which I have no idea how to do because the installation dvd is win 7 AIO (which means all in one), and says is incompatable.

I have to repair the original windows. How do I do that.
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  1. Google 'safe mode'. Press f8 right before Windows starts to load.If you get that far report back.
  2. Use the DVD disc to run Startup Repairs... it should repair the bootloader and other system issues and it may take several tries... so if the first repair finishes and still Windows doesn't boot, repeat the repair untill the computer boots... I did this once when it took some 5 or 6 times to complete the repairs, so don't give up if the first few repairs are unsuccessfull.
  3. Startup repair from the dvd says its incompatible with the windows and so I am unable to run it, but this is the dvd I installed win from originally. Also due to missing win files no safe mode option.

    Just like to mention I am not a n00b, like to think a medium expert maybe, but I am unable to do
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    You need to determine the exact Windows 7 Edition and with that information download a Windows 7 ISO of the same edition from links are available at:

    A second option is to create a Recovery disk with a download from Microsoft Downloads.

    A third option is to create a System Recovery Disk from a working Windows of the same edition... your second Win 7 installation may serve the purpose. Instructions here:
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