XFX R9 290 Double D vs Asus R9 280x very similiar pricing.

Hello I am debating wether to purchase the XFX R9 290 Double D which is @ 359.00 after 30 M.I.R.:

Originally i was looking to buy the Asus R9 280X which is going for 299.00

considering It's only 50-60 dollar difference i thought the R9 290 was the obvious choice,(p.s. the Black edition only seems to be factory overclocked by 50mhz for an additional $80 not worth).

I am personally a fan of Asus DCU II cards and have never purchased XFX, what is your opinion on the XFX R9 290? Anyone have the card and can provide positive or negative feedback?
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    I have run an XFX for my last 2 cards. My 5770 is 4-5 years old now and still running OCed with out issues and this is a reference design.
    I am currently running an XFX HD 7970 DD ghost version. The card runs great but I did up the fan arch to help keep it from throttling. This is just a pet peeve of mine, the fact I want to keep my temps as cool as possible. the one draw back I found with the HD 7970 was the fact XFX locked teh voltage control for this card which really hurt the OC ability. The HD 280X is just a rebadged HD7970. The 290 is a fresh completely new GPU. XFX is also OK to deal with for RMA and support.

    Asus can be a pain from time to time for support But all in all very reputable company and makes good part but so does XFX and they have been for years.

    Price vs the performance boost I think it is worth getting the 290
  2. r9 290 all the way, the r9 290 outperforme the r9 280x in all areas the r9 290 is the equivelant of the gtx 780 on amd and it can be as powerfull as the r9 290x.

    if you have the money go for the r9 290 :D

    If you think this helped you please pick it as the answer xD
  3. It's hard to choose a best answer both were helpfull but bgunner was a bit more informative.
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