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What would be the expected fps on ultra settings in starcraft 2 with this pc build
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    ~75 FPS on Ultra with AA.
  2. I agree with CBall. I'm putting together an SC2 build for my friend, and all the benchmarks I've seen point to that.

    CBall, I selected your answer as the solution.
  3. Unless they have changed something, if anyone lags in multi-player everyone gets to enjoy it anyway on that game. Just like you have to wait on others to load.

    Some of the user maps may still cause performance drops due to huge numbers of characters on screen.
  4. Thanks so much and any other improvements u guys know of to put on my build
  5. SSD's make everything better :) but in the case of a SC2 system(multi player), you are going to wait for the other players either way. Windows and many games as well as single player SC2 should be better with an SSD in the system(load faster, it does not change performance once loaded).
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