Help me get my build under $700 dollars

Hello. I need help get my current build under $700 dollars

the rest of it includes stuff i'm getting off amazon.

Arctic Thermal Compound $6.61

E-joy Dancing Water Speakers $18.99 ( im excited for these :)

Led Illuminated Backlit Mouse and Keyboard $24.41

Belkin Mouse Pad $2.99 ( least excited about, read reviews)

Cooler Master Sickle Flow 120mm Blue Led $7.86

Belkin Anti Static Wristband- $4.78

DVI-D cable- $5.80

Sata 3 Cable- $3.00

Total: $807.30

I will settle for a fx 6300 with hyper evo for OC. Im open to suggestions if i can get a 1080 monitor i'll be happy but if cant i'll accept any HD monitor (1600x900 etc.). Thanks also this is for gaming so if there upgrades that can be made thanks.
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  1. iknowhowtofixit said:
    You didn't post the correct link to pcpartpicker

    oh is it the perma link sorry i am noob :??:
  2. :)
  3. thanks
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