I have various problems, need help! Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

It started with one thing, but now is a chain of problems.

First my headset was not working > find out windows update is not working > both windows update and BITS is missing from service > DVD drive is not working.

Every time I Google and try to apply solutions I am met with errors one after another which prompts me to try and resolve every new error hoping I can work my way back, but nope, I finally gave in and want to pop in my Windows CD for repair...but I haven't used my DVD drive in a long time and now I find it will not even read the files on any CDs!

I am looking for a community of people that can help me resolve all my problems one by one, starting with my DVD rom problem, whenever I pop in a cd and I double click on the drive, that is all I see, every cd is the same thing.
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    Things you can try:

    1. First off, delete that file named Desktop... it's a file (shortcut) waiting to be burned on CD/DVD and it's probably obstructing the optical drive from reading recorded discs.

    2. Run a full virus scan

    3. run a full malware scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    4. if you get the optical drive to read discs, instert the Windows disc, and on the search bar type "SFC /SCANNOW" (without quotes) and press Enter... this command will read your system files and replace any that may be corrupted or missing.

    Reboot the computer after completing every one of the previous suggestions.

    5. In none of the previous worked, and providing your optical drive works, repair install your Windows installation with the upgrade option in the Windows installation process.
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