Are my idle temps/load temps good or bad?

Is 40C idle and 52 load good temps for a Intel G3420? Using stock Intel cooler.

My 4770k with a 480 radiator idles around 36C, forgot the load temp.

IDK my exact room temp but it's probably around 20-21C.
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  1. They are OK if the ambient temp is around 30C, but a bit high for 20C.

    Can you increase cpu fan speed to bring the temps down a bit?

    Make sure the coolers are dust free.
  2. Idk, what's up with my temps, full speed/half speed same temps.
  3. Post the builds.
  4. First:

    4770K - Not OC'ed
    Asus Maximus VI Formula
    XSPC Raystorm with PK3
    Alphacool UT60 480 - Push only with CM Jetflo's 1000rpm - 2000rpm, temps don't change much
    Corsair 900D

    When I am gaming on that PC it gets even hotter because my gpu is still being air cooled atm. But when idling, my 780ti is at around 32C. Very good airflow in my case. When I installed my cpu block, I definitely didn't do a great job because backplate kept falling off and I was getting quite irritated.

    Other build:

    Intel stock with the copper base, not the full aluminum one.
    Asus H81I-Plus
    Silverstone SG08 with Corsair AF140 intake on top.

    Only thing I do with this PC is download stuff, that's all it does. When I run AIDA64, Core 1 maxes at 52C and Core 2 at 49C. Idle temps are average 40C which is just a bit too hot for my liking. I made DAMN sure I put the perfect amount of TIM too, using Arctic Silver on this one.

    All these temps are with HWMonitor and Realtemp reports same thing too.

    I don't have a thermometer in my room but every time my parents walk in they complain about the heat so probably not 20C in my room, maybe 25C. But when I blast my AC at 20C, the temps don't drop at all.
  5. Power Supplies? Graphics cards?

    What cpu fan rpm for the Pentium?
  6. EVGA 1300 on the first one, I know, it's quite ridiculous got it for cheap. Asus GTX 780TI.

    1900-2000 rpm on the Pentium.
  7. OK Fan speed is OK. Cooler nice and clean?

    Cooler nice n tight on the mounts?
  8. Nice and tight and very clean, just can't figure out what's up with it, on my main PC I mostly likely eff'ed up the TIM but IDK what's with my other one.
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    Maybe try a custom cooler eg Coolermaster Hyper 212 evo - $30.
  10. I really, really would if my damn case would fit one. I originally had a CM Vortex Plus and wow, same exact temps as stock cooler. Right now I'm thinking of getting a Noctua L9I, my case doesn't fit a whole lot of stuff.
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