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Is it really necessary to have the latest an greatest card out there if you only plan on gaming @ 1920x1080 on a single 27" 60hz Monitor with High-Ultra settings via the game?

Because as it is now I have a 27" 60hz Monitor and I love it. Honestly I couldn't see myself ever going as far as playing on more than one monitor as I hardly ever game anymore anyways. So say I wanted to pop in Battlefield 4 an raise all the settings to max. Do I really need cards equivalent to the GTX 780Ti?
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  1. No you certainly don't, the 280x or 770 are probably the most reasonable options for goals such as yours
  2. I would go 280x. 3GB VRAM is starting to become required in the newest games.
  3. For maxing out BF4 @ 1080p you'll need a card like GTX 770 or R9 280x to get smooth gameplay
    In BF4 R9 280X outperforms GTX 770 though
  4. I'd either look at the 770, 280x, or even the 290 if your budget allows for it. Those would be considered top end cards for a single 1080p monitor.
  5. yeah a r9 280x or gtx 770 can do the job pretty well...but a r9 290 can max out the game with aa....but a r9 280x will nit disappoint.....bdw what is your budget????
  6. Well my budget isn't tight so I can spend almost whatever I need for what I need. Though I do like to pay for only what I need an not go overboard just because I can. So a GTX 770 or R9 280x would do me justice @ 1080p with High-Ultra settings given my CPU doesn't bottleneck? How much are those running now days?

    Right now I have an EVGA GTX 750ti superclocked but I recently was gifted an FX-8350 so I'm looking into building another gaming rig an using my current one for less intense games an basic internet browsing.
  7. The 280x is about $300 and the 770 probably around $325 depending on sales and rebates and everything
  8. a r9 290 has more horse power .... it can easily max out any games with good amount of aa ... i have a r9 290 tri x .... it"s a beast ... it's the one for your need.....
  9. R9 280x and GTX 770 are pretty same in games. R9 280x performs better in some games ( like BF4) while GTX 770 performs better in other games (like Crysis 3 , Bioshock Infinite)
    Though I've found that GTX 770 outperforms 280x in most games @ 1080p

    But for 1440p gaming R9 280x will outperform GTX 770 due to its 1GB of more VRAM

    So for 1080p gaming when budget isn't the issue GTX 770 is the way to go

    Since you have mentioned that you have FX 8350, in many results FX CPU with AMD Mantle supported card there has been huge performance boost in Mantle-supported games.
    But whether Mantle will be supported in many games to come is questionable
  10. Here's some benches to compare the two cards for you
  11. Jameson Clark said:
    The 280x is about $300 and the 770 probably around $325 depending on sales and rebates and everything

    Yeah I went to newegg an found some prices. Only question is which one would be best for what I'm wanting to do? All of them have different specs. I also noticed that all of the models except one say they only support Direct X 11.1 and my current GTX 750ti Superclocked supports 11.2. These specifications confuse me so much.
  12. Don't worry about directX it's fine. Typically the best companies for gpus are asus or MSI I think. For any brand though don't get one with a reference cooler get one that has the custom cooler. Which one though really doesn't matter, get whichever one is cheapest at the time you buy. You can OC them all over the factory OC so those clocks don't really matter
  13. FX-8350
    Asus Crosshair V-Formula
    R9 290

    That a good start to where I'm wanting to go with this build?
  14. That would certainly be a good start to a build
  15. get a antec liquid cooling ....
  16. Don't worry , they'r all going to support DX 12 when it rolls out

    As I said GTX 770 outperforms R9 280x in almost every game (exceptions are BF4) @ 1080p , so if budget is not the issue then get GTX 770.

    I should also mention that the difference between them is not night & day which makes 280x more bang for buck and with FX 8350 , it will be a great combo.
    Also 280x is better performer for 1440p gaming which is again attributable to its 1GB of more VRAM
  17. I read that the 280x from Asus was having trouble with their fans wearing out very quickly over the course of 6 months or so. Geez such a risky purchase these days with computer parts.
  18. The 290x is obviously better but for just 1080p right now the 280x/770 is sufficient. In the future who knows maybe the 290x is a better idea
  19. Well after looking at the prices quite a bit for $200-300 more dollars I could have a 780Ti an be set for a long time. Such a hard decision. Thanks for all the advice guys at least now I know where I stand on the matter.
  20. Best answer
    290 + FX 8350 will definitely be better than 280x/770
    I was answering your question about 770 vs 280x :)
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