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I have a LEPA LPC307 case, and a GIGABYTE Z97M-D3H motherboard, but I'm having trouble fitting the MOB into the case, although the case says it supports both ATX and Micro-ATX? The standoffs aren't in the correct placement though, and I'm lining the MOB up with the I/O shield. Any help would really be appreciated, this is my first build and I'm really confused.
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  1. You have to move the standoffs to the proper holes for mATX board.
  2. It's possible that OP's case doesn't have the screws holes in the right spots for every single hole to be occupied. This is OK. I would say as long as you have 6 screws or so in your mobo/case, one for each corner of the mobo, and two somewhere else, you will be absolutely fine. If you are still really stuck, post a picture of the inside of your case and we can help you out. If you need to host the photo somewhere, get a free account with photobucket.
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    From the photos I've viewed it has the standard setup for both Micro and ATX setups , it should fit , take your time it will lineup.
  4. Thanks for the help, first time posting here too and got the problem solved super quickly! I did what you advised and it fit. I have another question though, it seems that my MOBO came with less screws than what was needed, and I read online that I don't need to have all of them in as long as it's not warping. Just to be safe though, I wanted to ask, if I don't have any screws at all on the TOP of the board, will that make any more of a difference?
  5. Try to have a couple at the top, so that the board is stable. Distribute evenly.
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