When I stress test my gpu,the pc restarts?

I built a pc and this is my first rig,and i stress tested my pc and during the kombustor stress test,my pc restarts,i am really worried as its my first pc, i only pass test when i under-clock my gpu 50mhz, it will pass the test but what the fuck is this that whole of the world is playing with over-clock and i with under-clock. Altogether my pc spec: Intel core i5 750
gtx 650 ti
4gb ram
500 psu
Asus P7P55 LX
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  1. where i live,we cant find parts so i have to ask out a company to ship me some parts as mentioned above,they arent used,i unpacked them..
  2. yesterday night i pulled out the gpu and blowed all the dust away form it and changed the pci slot and i come to know that the temperatures are staying much low but the problem is that when i reach a total of 99 % gpu usage,the pc restarts............i hope it will help in making a judgement
    PSU NAME: seasonic SS-500GM PFC F3
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