New PC Build, need advice.

Hello, I'm trying to see what you all think of all these parts I'm getting ready to order for my first time build. Are these all compatible with each other? I don't want to go over $1400. I am also trying to keep the red and black color theme and a fully modular PSU. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Windows 7 Home 64-bit
Case -


HD -



MB -

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  1. tea urchin said:
    1st, ditch the power supply.

    Why's that exactly? I always thought EVGA made great products.
  2. tea urchin said:
    1st, ditch the power supply.
    2nd. what are you using this for? thats a pro overclocking board.

    I'm going to be using this solely for gaming. I do also plan on overclocking but I'm going to wait until I get an aftermarket CPU cooler for that.
  3. tea urchin said:
    Unless you are video editing, which you wouldnt be with 8 gig 2133 meghtz ram will do nothing for your system over 1600. Look to the best you can get for $67 ish? The bottom end is 63 anyway.

    Ok thanks, I'm going to switch the RAM and take a look at the XFX PSU's.

    Do you think the ASUS motherboard is a lil' too much? Should I only get that board if I plan on overclocking to hell?
  4. tea urchin said:
    The difference between a maximus and a standard Z97 (which is aimed at haswell refresh chips not out yet by the way) is about 100 mghrtz o/clock. The maximus can support 2 X £1000 graphics cards in every concievable option for clocking.
    Are you likely to need that sort of gaming wallop? I doubt it. You can trim a 100 off the motherboard budget without shame.

    You have any recommendations for a good board? I'm not planning on doing SLI in the near future or anything and OC wise it will come but it's not going to be major OC or anything.
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