Best graphics card for ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 and FX-8350

In settings I can see that my Total Available Graphics Memory: 4096MB
Now I have Asus GTX 760 2GB but what about stronger? witch is best? If you could you can list several results
P.S Im using PC for games and streaming and recording games
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  1. the GTX 760 is fine for current day gaming at 1080p (most common resolution for gaming).

    If you want to know the cards that are counted as stronger, here they are from least to most costly;

    R9 280 (Just beats 760)/R9 280X/GTX 770/R9 290/GTX 780/R9 290X/GTX 780Ti/GTX Titan/R9 295X2 (Dual GPU'd card)

    Obviously there are more then that, but these are the up to date cards in their current generation, not the GTX 6XX series and HD 7XXX series GPU's.
  2. thanks, iam currectly using Asus GTX 760 is that good?
    my resolution is 1920x1200 now but max is 2560x1600 so yeah do i need to think about change cause iam getting lag in games windows 8
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    if your gaming at 2560x1600, Then I would suggest an upgrade. The R9 290/X would be a super upgrade for that resolution at gaming.
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