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Ok so I built a pc about 4 years ago and decided recently to get an ssd to run my os, heavily used programs, and a few games on. My current hdd is 1tb and the ssd is 240gb. There isn't enough room on my ssd to clone my hard drive to it, so I'm going to do a fresh install. I have read that the best way to do this is to unplug all other drives and then install windows normally. I plan on doing this. My main problem is with my current hard drive. I would like to delete windows from that hard drive if possible. Is there a way to do this without wiping the entire drive? Also any other helpful tips would be nice, I don't want to screw this up as I am kind of a noob when it comes to software. Thanks.
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    Hi Edm326
    An ssd is a good idea for your os.
    I would not bother putting any games on it unless you want them to execute faster , an ssd will not improve FPS ( frames per second ) in a game , it will only make loading and saving faster
    and any programs you have that don't require speed to execute you can also install to another drive and movies music etc to another drive , this will save space on your SSD
    I would suggest anything on the old HDD you want to keep to backup to an external drive if you have one or usb stick or cd or dvd , then format the old drive and copy all your old files back to the HDD , that way it is a clean fresh drive to put whatever you want on it
  2. Well, you will have to wipe the old hdd anyway, because you have to reinstall all your programs to it. That's because the new SSD will be your c drive and the old hdd your d drive. The new windows registry on the c drive will know nothing about the installed software on the d drive and the software-ini files still think the software is running from the c drive.
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