Looking for Gigabyte motherboard that is compatible with AMD FX series and i5 Processors

looking for a gigabyte motherboard that is compatible with

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor

Intel Core i5 processor
price range $120
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  1. Any of their 990fx - UD3, 5 or 7 - whatever you can afford.

    You'll only get a crappy motherboard for $120.

    What's this got to do with an i5?
  2. i am looking for a mother board compatible with both so that latter i might be able to get a better possessor.
  3. AMD cpus are relatively cheap. Motherboards are not. Cheap motherboards don't last very long and don't work very well.

    Save your money so you can get a good cpu and motherboard.
  4. You can't get both. Intel and amd have different socket types meaning you can only use one brand of CPU in that motherboard. Get the better CPU and go with an intel. The i5 smokes the amd. There's no comparison
  5. Out of interest, why would you want a mobo that supports both amd and intel? There isn't such a thing, but if there was, were you hoping to use both cpus at once or swap cpus between the two? Just interested to know what you were looking for.
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