$750 Beginner Build AMD vs. Intel

I would like to buy and build a Gaming PC for the first time. I would like to keep a
it at most the same price as the Intel build or less. I will be paying in euros and before VAT it's around €560. One thing you might see in the two builds below is that one has higher clocked ram. Is that beneficial? One thing i noted about the motherboards is that the AMD socket motherboard has PCIE 2.0 compared to the Intel's 3.0. Is there much difference. All help will be appreciated. Thanks. (also any opinions on the graphics cards would be cool. Nvidia cards seem nicer although they're more expensive. How would a 280x compare to a 760 or is the 280x much better? thanks)

AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/tgc223

Intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9RXx23
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  1. There is no difference in games between 1333 ram and 2133.
    There is no difference between pci-E 2 and pci-E 3, even with an Nvidia gtx 780 ti.
    The graphics cards amd are actually a little cheaper performance wise, Nvidia used to last better but then it went tother way and now thr about even but amd got mantle and nvids just feel better lookin at the game .
    Choice is ~.
    Board/cpu wise, the intel rig will probably quietly outlast its usefulness, while the amd pc will scream and shout and sweat and go pop before you want it to 2 weeks away from payday long before you thought you needed to shell out big money.
    Having used more leccy.
  2. The 280x beats the 760 in Gaming performance, but the price on it is greatly floated up and the 760 is not as good but is around the same price anyway.

    Also the higherclocked ram makes no difference, save some money and buy the lower ones.

    Now for cpu's. The intel ones are actually better but for the price compared to AMD is not worth it. The AMD cpu's are good if you just use it for gaming. Personally I always use intel cpu's but have used an AMD cpu before and had no problems.
    It's all up to preference and budget. The intel ones are usually better at editing but AMD shines in multicore situations for the price.

    Intel and AMD are about the same for gaming performance but amd is cheaper.
    The 280x is better than the 760 but the prices are way up there.
    Also buy the lower clocked ram as it makes no difference.
  3. tea urchin said:
    Intel and amd are not about the same for gaming performance. Any new i5 rinses an amd chip cross spectrum in all but 3 or 4 games, and generally they do it with higher minimum frame rates and much better frame variance times. If you cant afford a propper work station you buy an 8 core amd chip.
    If you want to play games you buy an i5 intel. period.
    When you need something faster you will give the intel machine away or use it for surfing. The amd pc will have long since blown a head gasket.

    True they are not about the same, but the gpu is more important in gaming.

    I prefer Intel and said my opinions in a non biased way, sorry but it sounds if you are biased towards intel.

    Agreed though intel usually does better but like said before, For the price AMD is a viable cpu for gaming.
  4. It's your video card ...
    It's your video card ...
    It's your video card ...
    (is there an echo in here?)

    If you go with AMD spec a build with the FX-6300, and put the extra cash toward the Asus M5A97 (not LE) or your video card.

    If you go with Intel, buy a 9-series motherboard.
  5. Buy the 280x for gaming, It will beat the 760 in most games.
  6. Your pc is easily gonna blow/catch on fire because it doesn't have enough wattage .
    Get AT LEAST 650W . But if you like fire then I guess 430w/500w should do the work :)
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