Can i run watch on ultra or high settings on my computer build please answer

My computer build specs is:
8 GB of ddr 3 ram
I5 3570k 3.4ghz-3.8ghz
1tb hard drive
Nvidia 670 gtx 2gb graphics card
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    High settings with stuttering, it is badly optimised currently.
  2. Yes it is badly optimized ATM, Nvidia have released a driver the other day to fix so make sure your GPU driver is up to date. I would think you would be able to run the game on high with some settings OFF, i.e. Motion Blur or AA. You certainly have the build to run it :)
  3. i have 4gb vram and will it run medium
  4. haybale64 said:
    i have 4gb vram and will it run medium

    VRAM or just normal RAM? If you mean 4GB RAM then you'll get a lot more stuttering when RAM usage peaks, nothing you can do.
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