Nvidia 337.88, Video Hardware Error?

Alright, so I get on my computer and go to geforce experience to install the new drivers. It says the actual video driver was installed, but the drivers like 3d and physx were not. So I click try again and everything is installed and my games work great, I can't speak for watch dogs yet. So I turn off my computer. When I turn it back on, windows said something like video hardware error or problem? I know my gpu is fine because it was way under throttle temps in games. My computer never blue-screened or crashed either. So I re-install the drivers again and everything goes smoothly. Windows says they are looking for a solution to the problem (obviously they aren't. Is this common with these new drivers or did I do something wrong? My specs are a intel i7 4820k, gtx 680, 8gb g skill dual channel, and a 2tb seagate barracuda. I NEVER overclock anything. Thanks!
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  1. Try removing the drivers then do a clean reinstall. BTW, why are you running your RAM in dual-channel mode with a quad-channel CPU?
  2. Sorry I met quad channel @Joseph DeGarmo
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