super high mainboard temperature

Hey guys,
I recently bought a computer in order to overclock it. Today i decided to run stress tests with stock cpu settings to see how well my computer would manage heat under full load.

I use HWmonitor for temperature monitoring.

Before starting stress test, I found out that the mainboard temperature is 116C on idle! Is this a monitoring issue, or my computer is running a humongusly high chipset temperature?
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  1. What are your system specs?
    What stress test are you using?
    You most likely have heat build up in your case.
    The best fan configuration for most cases is moderate speed front and side fans blowing air in across your video cards, motherboard, and hard drives with higher speed top and back fans sucking air out.
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    Sensor error, dont even take any notice

    HWMonitor is buggy, my Mainboard runs at -158 degrees

    I like using OHWM for my system that is AMD but they also have Intel support.
  4. Boot into BIOS and check the temps there.
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