Will this build work? and GTX 770 or GTX 760?

I'm a complete newbie (I've been only looking at computer stuff since last week) and I'm planning to build a computer for the first time this summer. Here is a list of the parts i plan to get:

>Case: NZXT Phantom 410
>Graphics card: Palit GTX 770 or Asus GTX 760 OC
>Cpu: Intel i5 4670k
>Hard drive: WD 1TB 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive - Caviar Blue
>Monitor: Asus vn247h
>Psu: Corsair CX600
>Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Pro4
>(If you have any improvements on the list above please feel free to suggest it, thanks)

Will these parts all work together? I.e is the psu good enough for all of the components? Are all of the parts compatible? And do you think it will fit in to the NZXT Phantom 410?

And one more think, do you think it is worth paying more for the GTX 770? Or should I just go for the GTX 760?

Thanks in advance =]
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  1. i have a 770 with i74820k good card you need a bit more power mabye 600
  2. GrumpyUnicorn said:
    Great Build but the power seems just a bit low if you're going for the 770. The 770 is alot more powerfull and is a better choice for the price. The best 770 is probably the evga one!

    Thanks, great advice! =)
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