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Temporary Windows Clutter wont go away?

Last response: in Storage
June 1, 2014 9:02:42 AM

I have windows 7 and i use a OCZ Revodrive 3x2 240gb

Last week i wanted to copy about 100 large video files with a too long name...but it wouldn't let me...

The file names are about 3 lines long with allot of symbols



So i came up with the genius idea of placing everything in a winrar zip file... then i copied it over to another hard drive then i extracted it there and deleted the winrar archive.... i did this twice on two hard drives.

Now i have 54 GB of temporary files that wont be deleted? how do i fix this?

i have tried 6 things.

1. CCleaner wont detect the temp files.

2. The C:/Windows/Temp folder only have 264 kb in it.

3. i have done some detective work and it seems that C:/users/"my pc"/appdata/local has 62 GB in it.... when i enter the folder and check it then it only contains 7 GB?

4. I have tried a SSD optimize with "Perfect Disc" it detects the files but it just marks them as "excluded" and skips them.

5. i have done a analysis with Iolo System Mechanic and it tells me i have 54 gb of clutter then it asks me if it can delete it... i click yes and it says the files have been removed... when i search again it asks me again if i want it to delete 54 GB of clutter... and it just loops.

6. CHKDSK /r didn't fix it.