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If I order a "Haswell Refresh" processor and a 1150 motherboard with a Pre-Haswell Refresh BIOS, can I still use the newer processor to update the BIOS if it is needed? Or can the BIOS only be updated with an older Pre-Haswell Refresh processor?

I guess, to simplify, will a Haswell Refresh processor be recognized in a older 1150 motherboard?
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    EVGA announced that the upcoming refresh chips will be compatible with their z87 boards with a UEFI bios update. So this leads us to assume that other Mobo manufacturers will follow.

    UEFI bios updates will be needed , not all have started this update.
  2. Yeah, I have been looking into this too, and asus's website says devil's canyon will work with a bios update on their z87 too.

    Edit: I think the pentium anniversary works on both regardless.
  3. I'm not looking at anything as sophisticated as those CPU/MB combos. My concern is over the humble i3-4150 and an H81 chipset MB. Most of the various MBs' sites list a separate BIOS for the Haswell Refresh chips. I'm still not sure that a MB with a slightly older BIOS will even recognize the newer CPU.

    In the above link to that discussion, it seemed like they were not quite certain, either.

    I think I will just find a different MB to be safe. I located one whos CPU support list includes the i3-4150 and only has one initial BIOS. So it has to work.
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