HOW TO INCREASE GAMING PERFORMANCE ON amd a10 5800k? i want to know the settings of amd catalyst

HOW TO INCREASE GAMING PERFORMANCE ON amd a10 5800k? i want to know the settings of amd catalyst,please help me sorting out this,it'll be very helpful for me.........please guys pleaseee
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  1. faster ram.............. increase multiplier in BIOS?
    lower resolution. lower game settings.
  2. Start with lowering AA/AF.
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    Make sure that you have the latest version of AMD Catalyst for your operating system prior to these settings.

    • Disable HydraGridHydraGrid relies heavily on the CPU to recognize window locations and customized settings.
    • Disable Desktop ManagerThis works hand-in-hand with HydraGrid
    • Disable Multi DesktopHaving multiple virtualized desktops with their own processes and programs in the background can cause some performance decrease
    • In your Desktop Properties, a higher refresh rate will set your VSync limit to a higher FPS in games that force VSync, and it can also make things seem faster as the screen will refresh at a higher interval.
    • Don't use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)This way you can set your own settings and the program doesn't have to call on the CPU to process the monitor's defaults. Most monitors support multiple settings for compatibility and as a selling point.
    • Disable GPU ScalingThis allows you to set your own resolution as you please, it can also provide the ability to set a lower resolution for high-res monitors to increase performance by lowering the pixel-area of the screen.
    • Use the Video Player Settings for the Video Color with the following settings.1. Disable Color Vibrance, Flesh tone correction, Brighter whites, and Dynamic Range.2. Disable Edge-enhancement, De-noise, Mosquito Noise Reduction, De-blocking, Dynamic Contrast, and Deinterlacing automatic setting, and lower the bar to the lowest setting (Weave).3. Disable the AMD Video Quality features and don't enforce smooth video playback.
    • Disable AMD Steady VideoThis video optimization relies on the GPU and the CPU to manage the way that your monitor loads and processes images at the limit of the video's framerate.
    • Make these changes in the 3D Application Settings:

    Pin these settings whenever you want to use them.
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