Video_Memory_Management_Internal First build, help!!

Hello everyone, I assembled my brand new pc recently and everything was going fine up until windows 8.1 started BSODing on me. It's does it after I enter my password to log into windows, and it will only happen sometimes. I checked my ram in the bios and everything looked good, ran a couple tests such as the CMD in apps and didn't get back anything negative. I do have a Steelseries Sensei which I heard was prone give people problems with bsod but I'm sure that has nothing to with it. Should I re install all drivers or what? Please help

My setup

Intel I54430
z97 ASRock 1150 socket mobo
R9 280 oc edition
2x4gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
Seasonic 620w psu
seagate 1tb hdd
128gb sandisk ssd
Steel series sensei
Evo 212 hsf
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  1. I'm not 100% if it's my gpu or RAM, I was hoping somebody could help explain what the error code means. I'm not sure if it's the factory OC on the gpu that's causing it or what. Should I add more voltage then default and see what happens? They are stock set at 1.5
  2. Hellllllp?
  3. Im having the same problem, tried 3 videocards one of then get the error and when i come back to windows the image doesnt fill the screen, the other 2 dont get the bsod but have the not filling the screen issue... WTF???
  4. everytime i had an issue with any of my pcs people recommended running memtest, not once that has been the issue, couldnt this be related to the PSU or simply some windows 8 issue?
  5. Windows 8.1 doesnt seem to provide a code for this error, just this... video_memory_management_internal
  6. Thanks a lot my friend.
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