Desperately Need Help-Microphone blares even when muted

Hello everyone. I'm having a huge amount of trouble with my microphone currently, and it's occurring with multiple microphones so I'm guessing it's hardware/software related.

My motherboard is an Asrock Fatal1ty 787, I tell you this as I just built this new computer. It's running Win 7 64 bit home premium.

Essentially my microphone (high quality studio recording mic- USB input) is incredibly sensitive. I cannot alter or lower the volume of the microphone at all past a certain point. Even setting the volume to 0 does nothing. It picks up everything and it makes it impossible for me to record music. I've never encountered this problem in the past with this particular microphone on different systems, and I even bought a brand new microphone thinking it was just old age of my old mic. Same problem.

I will provide any information required to help fix this problem, but please I have no where else to turn right now and I find myself unable to do what I love which is record music. Thanks!

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  1. How about the make and model of the mic?
  2. First microphone I used was an AudioTechnica AT2020 microphone and it was a few years old. However I'm experiencing the same problem with my brand new Cad u37 mic.
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    Did you install all the motherbd drivers? including the usb ones?

    Also, in the manage audio device reording tab. Rt click the cmedia device and select properties and disable/Uncheck the “AGC” or automatic gain control box
    Save or ok and exit.
  4. Yes! Your "AGC" option worked! Thank you so much!
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