Looking to Build My Wife a Hackintosh that She Can Use for Design Work

I'm looking to build my wife a desktop Hackintosh, as she likes Mac but we are not rich. She uses her computer mainly for design work with Adobe CS and surfing the web. Because of her design background, I'm thinking a machine that will run well at higher resolutions, but we'll need a monitor as part of the build too. I'm starting from scratch. I've built my own Windows-based machine before, but not an OSX based system, so if you know of any tutorials on this in addition to the build, or any other helpful information, it would be greatly appreciated. Will it be possible to do this for $500 or less (excluding the monitor)? If possible, please post links to part you would recommend. Thanks!
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    Probably not, if you consider a graphics card and some of the other requirements. Anyhow, that site above is really the place to ask, not here. It's got a very good Hackintosh pedigree.

    Just remember you'll need a mac or a friend with one to get the OS legally, which I'm sure you intend to do.
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