What's wrong with my GPU temperature sensors? Plz help!

What's up fellas,

I'm having an issue with my GPU (video card) temperature sensors.
The problem is that in some programs, the GPU video card temperatures sensors do NOT show up. I have 4 different monitoring programs: AIDA64, AMD's CCC, MSI Afterburner, and HW Monitor.

When I open these programs to check my GPU temperatures, sometimes the senors work (meaning the temperatures show), and sometimes they don't work/show.

But most of the time, these programs don't show anything (regarding the gpu temps).
I only experience this problem with the GPU. All of the other temperature sensors (CPU, HDD, MOBO) work just fine all of the time.

Now here's the strange thing:
The only program that DOES NOT have this gpu sensor issue is ... AIDA64.
10 times out of 10, meaning all the time AIDA shows the temperatures when I open that program.
This program is the only one that is not having this problem. All of the other programs are hit or miss, like CCC, HWMonitor, and Afterburner.

I even tried opening AIDA64 at the same time when the other programs didn't show anything for the video card temperature. And AIDA64 still continued to display the temperature.

So yeah, I have no idea what's going on.
Is it a problem with my Video Card, or my Mobo, or my software, or is AIDA64 causing it???

Please help!
Btw my video card is the PowerColor HD 7850 2gb (version 2)
And my Mobo is the MSI H87 - G43.

Thanks for any help!
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