X-Finity Ultra 600 Power Supply actually reliable or efficient or even safe to not damage a mother board?

A friend of mine has decided to build a similar desktop pc as me (i have another thread listing my planned parts) instead of buying the Antec-VP450 power supply, he bought the X-Finity Ultra 600 Power Supply at a recycling center for 5 dollars. He tested it with a power supply tester and all the lights lit green and fine when the instructions were followed. however, due to its acquisition in a recycling center where things are supposedly not working or malfunctioning it raises some doubts. What possible risks are present in this type of situation?

He plans to use:
i3-4360 processor
MSI B85M-G43
Elite Team 4gb RAM
500gb Hitachi DeskStar
X-Finity Ultra 600 Power Supply
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    i wouldnt do it if i were you, you could destroy pc parts with that PSU
  2. I wouldn't advise it, just buy a new PSU, it may destroy your parts like @baba said.
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