Is my psu suitable for my new graphics card

Help please, I have just bought a 2nd user vtx3d 7970 x-edition, but I'm thinking my current psu is not going to be upto the job, I currently have a Antec neopower 500 watt moduler psu..

My system with the new 7970 is the following
2 x ssd drive
16gb ram
Asus mb
Amd 8350
1 blu ray writer
1x Sata 7200rpm drive

If my current psu will do the job then that's great news

But failing that I have spotted a 750W psu

Called Artic blue 750, from ccl computers in the UK

Opinions please
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  1. I wouldn't trust my 7970 with a power supply you can buy for £24.79.

    You need a quality power supply to run your components.

    This will run your specs with the new card.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Power Supply: XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (£46.98 @ Aria PC)
    Total: £46.98
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-06-01 23:39 BST+0100)
  2. Would my antec 500 watt be suitable for my system? With my new graphics card in your opinion?

    What wattage would you suggest?
  3. It may run it but it's an older power supply , get the XFX listed above , it's quality at a great price.
  4. It's much better than the Artic Blue , but not as good as the XFX I posted above.
  5. Fair enough I was thinking the extra 50w would be a good thing, but I guess it comes down to build as well
  6. Yes it's the quality that counts , and the XFX 550W has 44 amps on the 12v rail which will get the job done easily.
  7. Thank you for all your replies, just to put into context, could you tell my how my amps on the 12v rail does my Antec he500 have?
  8. It has 3 - 17 amp rails , the XFX has a single 44 to 45 amp 12v rail.

    XFX supply is a higher quality unit.
  9. Doh, not sure exactly what to do, the psu you recommend sounds like the perfect choice, good price, great reviews.

    But I'm pondering, do I try the graphics card with my current psu and see if it works, I presume worse that can happen is that it won't power up, my current card is a amd 270 sapphire oc edition......... So just order the psu now or wait and test with my antec he500?
  10. Best answer
    It won't hurt to try it , should run it , if it does , with no issues just upgrade down the road.

    But at that price the XFX is a steal for a high quality power supply.
  11. Brilliant thank you for all your help, I shall test first with my current psu and if needed I shall buy with confidence the XFX psu you have so kindly helped me to recognise would meet my needs
  12. Glad to help , thanks for posting.
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