PC Randomly Shuts Down or Restarts

Recently my PC will randomly shut down when I am playing a game and I will hear a eeehhh sound in my headset. Also, last time this happened my computer wouldnt turn on for a few minutes. And a few minutes ago my computer restarted by itself. When this happens the power cord connecting to the power supply is hot to the touch, I was wondering what the problem would be. The outlet in my wall? The power supply? Or the power cable? Thank you!
PS (450w PSU)
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  1. What is the power supply make and model.
  2. I think I found the problem. I unresticted the amount of bandwidth I would use a few days ago. I changed it back and am not having problems. Could that have been the problem?
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    See how it goes for a few days , hope you have it worked out.
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