About to buy a PC, want opinion if its a good deal and will work for what I'm looking for

So he's willing to take $1600 for this machine, brand new unused parts, was building the comp for another guy and he backed out, now he just wants some compensation for the parts so he's willing to take a discount. I (think) its a good deal but I was hoping for your thoughts and also if this could run a 1080p single monitor set up on reasonably high or ultra settings (specially since i'm spending $1600 lol, I would hope that means ultra but I'm pretty new to the custom PC world so... who knows if that is enough?)

Here are the specs he sent over in an email:

AMD FX-8320 8-core at 4.0GHz OC from 3.5 base (whatever that means?)
Corsair H60 with a 2nd fan in a push/pull configuration
ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer Motherboard
Corsair AX1200i Fully Modular PSU
Antec Three Hundred Two (302) case
SanDisk Ultra Plus 256Gb SSD + 1Tb Seagate HD
16Gb DDR3-1600 memory
LG Blu-ray drive
Two (2) Gigabyte GV-R929XD5-4GD-B, 4Gb Reference Model Radeon R9 290X
Windows 8.1 Professional OEM 64bit SP1

Really appreciate the feedback! Thanks!
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  1. Just plug it all into and see what the stuff costs. Looks like a good deal though when I estimate.
  2. The R9 295X or the 290X? Have you priced them? Just a 290 would be more reasonable.

    I'd use intel cpu and mobo if going down the 295X path.
  3. Best answer
    Fx-8320 - $140
    H60 - $ 80
    990FX - $120
    Ax1200i - $300
    302 - $ 70
    256GB SSD $150
    16gb ram - $150
    LG BDR -$20
    2ea: GPU - $1100+
    Win8 - $100
    total about $2100 if brand new.

    If this is someone you know then yes this is a good deal.

    If this isnt someone you know then my SCAM ARTIST alarms would be going off. If its too good to be true, your probably getting ripped off.
  4. Yeah he's completely trustworthy, I guess then my other question for you guys is will I get good 1080p performance with the computer I'm buying? My main games are bf4, maybe far cry 3 and if it can run it at all I would try playing crysis 3 as well.

    Thanks for the comments!
  5. Wait so are the 2 290x's not good for gaming then? Should I have gotten 2 295x's instead?
  6. I'm not sure what was in the package - 295x's, 290x's or both?

    Each 295x has basically 2 x 290x's in it.
  7. Oh my apologies. The computer comes with 2 290x's in it. Should that be sufficient in playing games at 1080p?
  8. Two 290x should be sufficient for 4k imo
  9. the Gigabyte GV-R929XD5-4GD- is listed as a 290x
    .. I'm not sure where the 295 confusion stemmed from.
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