Does ram speed matter for gaming??

I found a old MSI motherboard since my good asrock board was faulty long story.
Please don't tell me to upgrade my budget is crape otherwise I would its better then no computer at all.
I have my NVIDIA geforce gtx 650ti and it still lags o something probably bottlenecking the specs re below.
MB: MS-7571(something like that not exactly sure)
CPU: AMD Athlon X64 2.00ghz (Socket 939)
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit (upgrading to ultimate soon)
it plays Sleeping dogs alright but it is just laggy I am not sure whether I should upgrade the ram amount or if its the speed or ram speeds.

The game is playable but lags a bit

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  1. 1. Don't bother upgrading 7 Pro to Ultimate there is no point feature wise it will likely not help you unless you need to change languages or want bitlocker.

    2. Upgrading the memory amount is the biggest issue here, but also your CPU is lacking. 4GB would be the minimum I would try for but even getting 2GB right now would help over 1.25GB. Cosidering that is a 939 board try to pair two similar sticks for best effect.

    BTW the board model number is wrong that is for an Intel board that uses DDR2 according to google. But anyways. hope this helps.
  2. Got the exact model it is a MS-7125 unless I overclock the CPU to 3.00ghz and risk burning the board out I'm not sure what to do there and ram is cheap should be able to get that.

    Is it worth upgrading a old board and giving it new life? or should I just overclock it
  3. You could overclock the cpu but I'm not sure what kind of benefits you would get with current games. Your main issue is that your CPU's Architecture is so many generations behind today's chips like the AMD Vishera and Intel's Haswell.

    My recommendation would be to upgrade the memory for the near term it should deal with the lagging issue that is likely caused by the game being forced to swap from data from the disk and memory and save up for a new CPU/Motherboard/Memory. Even a cheap $250-300 combo would give you a nice boost over what you have now. Just make sure all your drives are SATA based beforehand.
  4. Ultimate windows will probably eat more ram, you don't seem to have much to begin with. Any amount of increase in ram will help your system. You could try lowering the REZ in the game or turn off some features, it eats CPU + GFX. I would keep running Win 7 pro and turn off a lot of useless services, do a search for what's safe to turn off and decide to lower your RAM hoggin' windowz services running in the background that you never use.
  5. OK thanks I will try that's will get a new board in the future but for now this is all I can afford.
    I thought it was only a few generations back its build for 2004 games.
  6. RAM would be the only real viable upgrade, it bottlenecks things as does the CPU. Adding 2 GB of DRRAM would help and be cost effective in this case
  7. OK I will add ram and see how it goes ;)
    Also last question why does it play Sim city fine but cannot play any shooter when action starts happening in the game it lags even.worse.
  8. Running out of DRAM, you'll prob see the HD getting very active as the system writes and reads info to and from the pagefile on your HD
  9. My HDD is running on sata so that's another bonus, Would overlooking the CPU to 3.00GHz nuke it?
  10. If you are going to overclock just remember to go gradually watch your temps and run CPU stability benchmarks to test your stability. But whether you can get 3.0ghz out of that CPU is unknown I've seen people get 2.4-2.8ghz out of that particular chip online though so you could probably get another 20-40% out of it.
  11. If it does get to hot I'm sure it would anyway as its got overheat protection.
    So guess I give it a shot
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