EVGA GTX 760 SC on Cooler Master Extreme 2 725 Watt PSU

I was looking at buying myself a video card in the 200-300 dollar price range and found that I like the GTX 760 Super Clocked from EVGA. The page for the video card recommends a 500 watt,12 volt rail rated for 30 amps, but my Cooler Master Extreme 2 725 watt PSU is rated for 28 amps. I wanted to know if I can still get this card and if it will run fine with my PSU or if I should choose a different video card
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    I would suggest a PSU with at least 30 Amps on the 12V rail or a lower power card. I'd get a new PSU myself, Cooler Master isn't exactly top tier (as evidenced by it supplying 725W and only 28Amps on the 12v rail), no offense intended at all. :)
  2. Dom_79 is right you should replace it. but you will get away with it as long as you do not overclock the card. if you have a minimal overclock on cpu as well. also take into account how much power draw the rest of your system is using. if you have minimal connected you could get away with it. manufactures recomendations are for worst case senarios
  3. Thanks Dom_79! I didn't think that it would be the greatest idea to run the 760 with a weak power supply. I'd rather put out the money now and get a better PSU to go along with the new card. And AUShollowpoint, I would like the room to OC in the future, so I think I'll take both of your advice and upgrade. Thanks!!
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