Best Graphics Card under $120 that doesn't bottleneck a pentium D or 4 D 3.4ghz

I've been looking for a good graphics card under $120. i bought a dell optiplex for 120 dollars earlier in the year do save some money by buying a pre-built pc with a Pentium D CPU and adding a graphics card for Video editing and gaming with decent fps(30-50) on the upcoming and older games. But as i'm new to the computer world and always been a console gamer for my whole 16 years of existence. I have looking at the $73 Radeon 6670, Radeon 7770, R7 250x, Gt 750, or the Radeon 7750 or anything better than these that can at least play outlast, Call of duty WAW and Arma 2 and 3 on medium-high settings with Playable FPS.

Thank you for your help.
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    I'd consider the r7 250x or r7 260 if its within the price range.
  2. The old dual core should be able to keep up with those cards OK. The Pentium D might bottleneck the GTX 750 a small amount, but not too bad.
  3. You get what you get for $120 max. Nothing under $120 will be bottlenecked by a Pentium.

    The GTX750 for $100 is the best performing card under $120.

    Google and find recommended pc specs for those games.
  4. I bought a r7 250x it performs quite well for my PC thanks everyone for your replies.
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