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I recently got a new GTX 780 and have noticed that when playing videos in VLC there are sparkling white dots one pixel in size showing up randomly, even when the video is paused they continue to appear. They don't show up in games or windows media player.

I tried deleting the preferences folder, switching the output to DirectX, uninstalling and reinstalling VLC, reinstalling drivers, rolling back drivers, tried using an older version of VLC, deleted the registry entries for VLC.

I've checked this with two different monitors (with different cables) and have the same issue on both. However what I have noticed is that on my 1920x1080 monitor it happens very frequently and in larger clusters while the 1680x1050 monitor only has the occasional dot show up.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I could try? Thank you.
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  1. try another media player, like mpc with cccp codecs. if the problem perists i would say:

    2d processing is defective on the card. i would return it.
  2. Thanks for the swift response, I tried mpc with cccp codecs and tried 3 different videos and found no white dots present.
  3. strange problem. ive never had issue with vlc but vlc uses its own codecs, as opposed to the ones you just used in mpc.

    i guess the solution here is like the old joke:

    man goes to doctor and says "doctor, it hurts when i do this"
    so doctor says "so dont do that"
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    Try GDI video output
  5. What do you know, that actually fixed it. Now the question is, why does it fix it?
  6. jazmac said:
    What do you know, that actually fixed it. Now the question is, why does it fix it?

    It bypasses any accelerated GPU rendering and falls back on the age old
    copying of raw bitmaps that's been around since Windows 3.0.

    But modern CPUs are easily plenty to handle it even without the GPUs help.

    Just watch for artifacts in anything else like browsers and games. If there is none,
    its probably just a software bug. If you see any others I would replace the GPU
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