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My samsung laptop gave me a unmountable boot volume bluescreen after I downloaded a virus or something on accidrnt. So I tried reinstalling windows 7 but it won't work. After it ask what type language I want and keyboard I want I hit next but all I get is the background and I can move my cursor around but nothing will load after I press next, it just stays at that background picture.
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  1. If whatever you downloaded damaged the Master Boot records, you need to clean those up before you can get a new system on that hard disk. It's probably cheaper and safer to buy a new disk.
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    To clarify the above as requested in your PM, I meant you need to buy a new hard disk because it will be easier than trying to clean up the old one. Any DVD of the Windows system will install so long as it's the same system so if you had Home Premium before, you need to install the same version. If you don't, you will fail activation.
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