Does Cpu FAN For intel or AMD will work on all socket ?

So the question is will Cpu FAN For intel also AMD will work on all socket of all mainboard (motherboard) or not ?

if you can answer me this question will help me a lot and thank for the answer.
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    Intel cpu coolers won't fit motherboards for amd cpus

    And AMD cpu coolers wont fit motherboards for intel cpus.

    Some Custom cpu coolerss eg Noctua, Coolermaster, etc - fit both amd and intel cpu motherboards.
  2. Short answer No.

    Long answer, sockets may have different positions and spacing between screwes and there may be other limiting factors. If you use stock fan, just keep it on CPU you get it with. If you want to buy aftermarket fan, it should have listed support for sockets. Some manufacturers go even further by listing of support for specific motherboards and possible issues (as example noctua have very extensive compatibility list with different sockets, motherboards and even rams).
    Some of there aftermarket have special mounting backplates and system which allows it to work on multiple sockets, both intel and AMD, but for that you will have check if it's compatible.
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