AMD FX 8350 vs I7 3770 vs I7 2600 What best to buy ?

So i have hard time to choose between fx 8350 or i7 3770 or i7 2600 ?

for fx 8350 i have mainboard that support am3+ socket no need to buy new mainboard but since i want to upgrade from fx 6100 to maximum gameplay i7 is good idea but can't decide to buy i7 3770 or i7 2600 since it overall performent of i7 is almost equel .
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  1. if all you want to do is play games the only difference between an i5 and an i7 is the price. I would recommend a i5 4670 or if you overclock the i5 4670K
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    Intel processors generally have better performance / core. Between the fx 8350, i7 3770 and i7 2600, i would recommend the i7 3770. However, if you are only gaming, the core i6 4670 is a good choice, or if you want to overclock, get the i5 4670k.

    If you really want to get an i7, then i would recommend you get an i7 4770, or an i7 4770k ( if you want to overclock your processor ).
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