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Hi guys

I really need some help. I have recently re-installed a user's laptop and have installed the Windows 7 OS onto the 32GB SSD as the Hard Disk drive was not being detected in the installation screen.

The issue I'm having is that there is only 2.5 GB free space left after the installation. As the day goes by the space is slowly used until there is eventually almost no space left and the machine starts to perform very slowly.

In an attempt to stop the free space being utilized i have redirected the users Home folder as well as location of their .pst to the 1TB HDD.

Is there anything else i can do in order to ensure that the C drive is not used for data storage?
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    I would remove the pagefile from C and make a pagefile on the 1TB. I would also disable system restore so it doesn't create restore points for every installation or uninstallation of updates and programms.
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