teaming 2 NIC's and using 16 TB server

hey everyone , I'am doing some nasty setup , I'am currently using 4G LTE network connection and I'am going to move to another place which supports land line DSL , and I will subscribe to a DSL connection but I don't want to throw my 4G LTE connection away , I like it and I want to use it , + I'am going to buy this

WD My Cloud EX4 16TB: Reliable Network Attached Storage featuring WD Red Drives

, currently I've placed my 4G LTE router in the roof and I've linked a 30 meters ethernet cable from it to my room and I'am using a regular Cisco router as switch , I hope you got all the idea , I want to mix them all together , the 16 TB server with the 4G LTE router and the new DSL through my Cisco router , sorry for that mess :??:
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  1. That is not what is referred to as nic teaming. What you are asking for is to combine internet connection. It can only partially be done. You can with some work use the ROUTE command in your pc so that you can run some traffic over one internet connection and some other internet traffic over another.

    It is not possible really to combine 2 internet circuits to appear as a single connection mostly because they have different IP addresses but even if you get past that there are major issues combining connection that have different latencies.
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