gtx480 to 290x upgrade worth it?

Ive been looking at prices of the saphire 290x gpus, on ebay. They seem really low priced compared to their price new. Around 350 vs 500 new.

Looking at the online reviews seems its on par with the gtx480. Is there anything bad about the 290x. I know initially there were driver issues, but it seems they are fixed now.

Considering that I could sell my 2 gtx480's with their aftermarket coolers for around 120 each, it would not be that much more for me to get a used one off ebay.

Here's my other question. I currently feel i need to upgrade to a new cpu/mobo as im getting a bottle neck with my current setup. Would I be better off to hold off on the gpu upgrade and upgrade the cpu, and mobo first, and wait until the next release of graphics cards? Normally I wait until my current gen card in sli performs worse than the entry level gen of the current cards, but at the price of the 290x, it seems like it would be a steal, with the possibility of xfire.

What do you think i should do? Im leaning towards keeping the current setup, and going with a z97 asus hero, and a i5-4670K, and waiting untill next year to upgrade gpus. I dont really want to spend 500 on a new GPU, and it seems if My current setup is bottle necking due to cpu, anything new would also be bottlenecked until I upgrade.

Current specs
SLI GTX 480 with v3000 coolers (no heat or noise issues)
nvidia 790I ultra mobo
8gb ddr3 1600 ram
core 2 quad q9650 processor
haf x full tower
ocz 850 watt psu
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  1. I'd say keep your current GPUs for a bit and buy a GTX 880 next year.

    You'll also need a new CPU not to bottleneck modern cards.
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    With your CPU, going to a 290x would be a bit of a waste unless you can upgrade that as well.

    Wait till you can move to a full new system, not just the video card. That way you will either have a faster card for the same price or this card for a cheaper price than now and will actually be able to have a balanced system.
  3. well you guys confirmed my thoughts.

    im going to order the new mobo and cpu today.

    luckly it appears my current processor, and mobo will bring about 250 bucks on ebay, so that'll take some of the hurt off.

    i'll upgrade the gpu later this year maybe after the current ones have another price drop.
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