What low/mid range mobile graphic card is at least equal to a Desktop Radoen HD3850 512mb?

I am consider getting a laptop and I am happy with the gaming performance of my desktop which is an Ivy Bridge G2020 with HD3850. I want to know which mobile graphic card has the same or better performance for the lowest price. If there is specific laptop model that you can suggest that is even better. Current gen or previous gen is fine.

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  1. if you want, look up some AMD laptops with at least an A6 or A8 processor. hopefully they fit your budget and post the links of the ones you like. ill try and help from there. its fairly a broad topic because there are tons of laptops with mobile graphics in them that beat a 3850 today.
  2. Sorry about the late reply. Correct me if I am wrong but the A6 and A8 does not appear to be able to match the performance of my current desktop. I am not even sure if A10 with 8650G would perform equally with my current desktop. I am thinking that I might need something like GT 755 to be match the performance. If A10 with 8650G would do that would be great news to me.

    I did a quick search for an A10 laptop,
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    from a couple of websites i trust the 8650G is oh so very slightly better than your 3850. its practically the same..getting a laptop with a GT 755 would be much better though..triple the graphic power actually...
  4. I guess my desktop graphic is pretty old if a 8650G can match it. Very interesting, thanks.
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