how to keep a windows pc virus free

I just want to know what the best way to protect your pc from viruses
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  1. Is avira any better than avast
  2. The best way to keep a Windows PC free from Viruses is to use it to play games and nothing else. Use Linux to browse the web and do EVERYTHING else. I have done this since 1991 without a single virus on my Windows computer other than Windows being the virus. :)
  3. I've had virus' try to invade my system from on line games/servers......... best way is not to go on the internet and not to attach anything like thumb drivers or source material/software from anybody. have a nice life. UBUNTU.
  4. does people get viruses? never had one since 1998.
    PnkBstrA is the only crap i have got.....
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    What version of Windows are you running? XP was (and still is) poorly designed for security. Win7/8 are much stronger on the security front. Set up a separate user account for yourself with limited rights. Pretty much all anti-virus programs are decent, so run the one that you are comfortable with but also keep stand-alone scanners like Malwarebytes for picking up what they miss. Login on your admin account to run scans, but use your limited account for gaming and internet access. You might also want to check out Comodo Dragon, an alternative browser based on Chromium that is built for security. Finally, the weak part of any computer is the user, so learn to be safe when online. That alone is your best security.
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  7. And don't forget to never use IE. FF or Chrome. If you use FF, make sure you use No script to stop any drive by downloads.
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