MSI GS60 Ghost 007 vs. Gigabyte P35g v2 vs Lenovo y50


All three laptops are/have:

GTX 860m
i7 processor
Full HD
super light

Does anyone know about the build quality of the Gigabyte and Lenovo? How about the battery life for them? I read from a lot of different sources that the MSI was a bit flimsy and it only has a 2 hour battery life.

The Lenovo y50 just came out in May. I'm not sure about the Gigabyte.

The Gigabyte and MSI are around $1599. The Lenovo is around $1099 (I think).

I'm trying to get a laptop this summer, so if something good is coming out late summer, it might be a possibility.

Any other suggestions around this price range with similar performance is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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    $500 price difference between the Lenovo and the other two brands is significant. In the ultra-competitive field of laptops, that's huge. They can't be "similar" as you claim. I haven't researched them, but I thought I'd point that out.

    Additionally, Lenovo is a major (I think 4th?) computer manufacturer, and I doubt that MSI and Gigabyte have anywhere near that marketshare. I used to own many Lenovo Thinkpad laptops (still have one) and I bought an Ideapad for family once. The build quality is good and their warranty support is excellent.

    More than that I can't help you with. I suggest you crate a side-by-side comaprison of the 3 models you are considering, and see what leaps out as major differences. Pay attention to the screen resolution (a major cost factor) as well as type (TN vs IPS, for instance). The physical screen size is also a consideration and adds to the wight of the machine.

    Good luck.
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