Corsair CXM 750W enough for two 660s?

I'm looking for a bit more in terms of graphical potential in my current build. I currently have a Corsair CXM 750W psu, and one 660. I was wondering, rather than buying another, better GPU, to just buy another 660. So do you: a) Think this is a good idea, b) Is it going to be possible with my current psu.

PS, if you do think that this is a good idea i'd love some suggestions on a new motherboard, in order to have two 660s, as I have the Asus P8Z77-V in mind, but i just wondered if there's any better boards for around the same price, or slightly more.
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    Your power supply has more than enough juice, both in watts and amps on the +12v rails.

    To answer your questionss
    1) if your PSU can handle it (which yours technically can) it's a good idea. If you had to upgrade your PSU in order to run SLI then it's usually more beneficial to sell your single card and buy a more powerful single card. The cost of a PSU + single card is usually not worth the investment.
    2) probably, it is an entry level PSU and not really made with high end overclocked gaming systems in mind. But technically speaking, it has the power.
  2. Having to buy a new motherboard makes it less cost effective i suppose. But the performance will be good, as a rough estimate it should be somewhere between a single GTX 770 & GTX 780.

    Corsair TXM 750W is WAY more than capable to supply enough power.

    Of course, if you have the budget for a single GTX 780 or R9 290 then that would be less hassle.
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