AMD A8 6600K with RADEON R9 270X

Hello . I have an AMD A8 6600K 4 gHZ QUAD-CORE. Now i use the integrated graphics . I want to buy a radeon r9 270x . Do you think the CPU will bottleneck this video card - radeon r9 270x ??
This video card have mantle .
I've heard this function helps with processing and the CPU is not used that much (in new games of course , with mantle support) .
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  1. naw you should be ok
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    There will be some bottlenecking. It will vary from game to game, with CPU heavy games being the worst. However, pretty much any game should run smooth enough to enjoy (with some tweaking of settings in some games).

    Take a look at this review of the A10/A8 Trinity CPUs. Keep in mind these are basically the same as yours, Richland CPUs are a rebrand of Trinity.

    In that review they are using an AMD Radeon HD 5870, so not exactly a powerhouse of a GPU, and yet the bottlenecking was still clear as day.

    Mantle will help, but there are very few games that support it right now (Only Battlefield 4 and Thief if I recall). There are more games lined up to support it, but it will take time and who knows how much support it will actually get.
  3. Your cpu bottleneck should go away as more modern games come out and if game programmers move to directX 12. Id guess they should all use dx 12 since most if not all dx11 graphics cards will be compatable
  4. There will be a slight overclock, but you will be ok with that combo. A 270/270x is pretty much the limit for your CPU. Anything faster will not garner any improvement, because of bottlenecking.
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