USB 3.0 ports not working, fine with usb 2.0

I have a problem with my USB 3.0 after a fresh windows install. Although my USB 3 drive is recognised fine as usb 3.0 (no "this drive can perform faster" messages) after a few seconds of a transfer the drive disconnects and reconnects, breaking the transfer.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can try? (Running gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 motherboard with WD MyPassport 1tb drive)
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  1. Did you remember to install the 3.0 drivers?
  2. Yeah I installed them from the motherboard disc and when it didn't work I uninstalled and downloaded them direct from the website.. Still not working..
  3. any other ideas, desperate to get this working usb 2 speeds are killing me!
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