My keyboard and mouse isn't working on the start of windows

What can i do? My mouse and keyboard isn't working at the opening of windows (where i login and everything) and i've already try replacing the mouse and keyboards, yet it did not solve the issue.

-i try to reinstall windows 7 (didn't work)
-However i was able to open safe mode to change some settings, and still doesn't work.
-already try using other USB ports and yet nothing tend to happen

Note that: i was able to use my keyboard on BIO's but when it continues to the next screen (windows) it disconnects or turns off.
Also i would be happy to share the list of component, only if you guys really need it.
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  1. make sure you have installed the USB drivers from the manufacture, might have to try to do this from safe mode, and be sure they are not plugged into USB 3 ports. For some reason some keyboards and mice wont work proper in USB 3 ports.
  2. Okay did that, but i went to the manufacture online web -site to install the USB drivers, i could not install anything while in safe mode.
  3. Try a completely different keyboard and mouse. Not the same make and brand. Could be a driver issue.
  4. nothing.....
  5. I also want to add that, when i'm on BIOS looking at the USB 2.0 connection, it says it's empty while the mouse and keyboard is connected and on.
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