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I got Intel i5 4570S and while playing GTA IV on high setting temps go high as 59-61C. I know GTA IV is a very CPU demanding game but is this normal? Idle temps are near low 30s. Should I consider getting more intensive cooling for CPU? I use stock cooler.
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    61 Celsius at load is absolutely fine for that CPU, and not too bad for the stock cooler. I believe the maximum temperature that 's' model i5, with it's 65W TDP, can reach before it thermally throttles is 92 degrees, so you're perfectly fine at 61 degrees. If it was up in the 80s I'd probably recommend a simple aftermarket cooler, just to ensure the longevity of the chip, but as it stand now, you really don't need one.
  2. It's totally normal. Mine (i5-760 2.8GHz with stock cooler) goes above 66C with GTA IV and even higher with Battlefield 3. These games have some very demanding physics, so don't be anxious :). Just keep in mind that after reaching 75C or above, then you should start to worry...
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