How do i know if a hard drive (hdd or ssd) is classified as "basic disk" or "dynamic disk" before i buy it?

The reason i'm interested in this information is because i know that ubuntu cannot be installed on a dynamic disk. So how can i tell if a hard drive i am buying is classified as basic or dynamic before i've purchased and installed it into my build?

If it helps, i plan on installing windows 8 on this hard drive first and then installing kubuntu second.
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  1. that's a software/formatting option from within windows, it has nothing to do with the hard drive. are hard drives are the same.
  2. Ah, okay thanks for that clarification... where does this formatting option occur in the windows installation process? Just so i can be mindful of it and make sure that basic is what i use moving forward
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    no worries mate. Windows wont install to a dynamic disk either so it will default to making the hdd basic.
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